In a cooperative, all of us are responsible for everything.
J. M. Arizmendiarieta. Reflections. p.63

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ryszard Michal Stocki 
Date of birth: 14th May, 1960
E-mail: ryszard(at)stocki.org


Ph.D. (habilitation) in Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, 2007
International Certificate in Training and Development, Thames Valley University, 1999 
Ph.D. in Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, 1992;
M. A. in Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, 1987
M. A. In English Literature, English Department, Jagiellonian University, 1985  


Award of the Jagiellonian University Chancellor for Preparing Reform of Psychological Studies, 1990


Full time:Associate Professor, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, since 2012
  Associate Professor, Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University, since October 2008 - 2012
  Assistant Professor, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Psychology, 1993-2008
  Management Trainer and Consultant, Stocki Associates-Transition Consulting 1994
  Research Assistant , Jagiellonian University, Institute of Psychology, 1987‑1992  
  Practitioner Assistant, Jagiellonian University, Polonia Research Institute, 1986‑1987  
  Lecturer, Leon Kozminski Academy, 2010 -
  Lecturer, European Tischner University, 2004 -  
  Lecturer, European University (MBA) – 2001-2002  
  Management trainer, Gustav Kaeser Training International, since March 2001 – 2002  
  Member of the Editorial Board, “CXO – Managers’ Magazine. October. 2001 - 2004  
  Therapist, Crisis Intervention Center, September to December 1993.
The document I submitted as a request of the Universoties to all university academic staff explaining my contacts with secret police agencies before 1989 - can be found in Autolustracja.
Research and educational trips in Poland and abroad:  
Ruhr-Uniwersitaet in Bochum, Institute of Cognitive and Environmental Psychology, September 1993, June 1995, February 1998, 1999. 
MATRIK - Manchester Business School - Summer School of Management organised by the British Council funded by the Know-How Fund. July-August, 1996.  
Research interest:
Organisational pathologies, cognitive aspects of ownership culture, cognitive processes in management, psychological foundations of organisational change, private (implicit) theories of the firm, organizational cognition, open book management, education of managers, participative management.
Teaching / Lecturing Experience:(all lectures and seminars and workshops take one semester, i. e. 30 hours of teaching, workshops 60 hours of teaching)
Coordinating a year internship Programme funded by Leonardo da Vinci programme: "Practice in managing ownership culture. Polish students in employee owned companies of the European Union. 
Courses:Privite theories of responsibility - MA seminar, 2003-2004
Experimental course - simulation of an employee owned company, 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6
Psychology of customer loyalty - workshops, 2003/2004, 2004/5.
Psychology of employee loyalty - lectures and classes, 2002/2003, 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 
Psychological diagnosis of organisations - lectures and workshops, 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2005/6, 2006/7, 2007/8 (conducted in English),
Industrial and organizational psychology - lectures and seminars, 1998/99, 1999/2000 and 2000/2001, 2007/2008 (conducted in English)
Management simulations and Games – workshops, 1999/2000
Human Resource Management (MBA, conducted in English) 2001/02
Introduction to Management Training (Training of Trainers) – workshops, 1993/94, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1997/98.
Psychological Intervention in the Organisation – workshops, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/2001
Psychological Foundations of Customer Relationship Management – workshop 1997/98, 1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2000/2001, 2003/4, 2004/05, 2005/6
Managing yourself – lecture and workshops, 1996/97, 1997/98
Spectrum of Cognitive Processes – seminar, 1994/1995
Introduction to Methodology - lectures, 1994/1995
Introduction to Economic Psychology, lectures 1993/94, 2005/2006
Introduction to Statistics – lectures and practical exercises 1993/1994
Introduction to Experimental Psychology – seminars, 1988/89, 1989/90, 1990/1991
Introduction to Psychology – 1987/88, 1988/89
Management training experience:
(all of the trainings and workshops take at least 2 days = 16 hours of teaching, all of the trainings have been conducted for at least two organisations)
Introduction to Management
Business Strategy (prepared and conducted under the supervision of prof. Kevin Jagiello from Manchester Business School)
Workshops in Strategic Dialogue and Implementation of a New Strategy
Quality and Operations Management
Clienting and Marketing,
Managing Yourself (licensed course)
Personnel Management
Introduction to Accounting (a business game)
Introduction to Finance
Commercial Law
Introduction to Economics
Project management and team work
Training of trainers (licensed course)
Practice in negotiations (licensed course, a practice book published in 2005)
Change management - workshop
Introductory workshop in performane management
Management coaching
Management consulting experience
(Projects and co-operation with organisations longer than 3 months)
Wawel Royal Castle Museum (1993-1997) – training needs analysis, personnel management, team building, customer satisfaction procedures.
Catholic Institute of Management (1994-1998) – preparing the concept of the Institute, training of trainers.
Trade Union “Solidarity” (1995-2000) – training of trainers and preparing the concept of Trade Union Consultants Centres, “People Oriented Company” – Competition for best companies of Lower Silesia – concept and co-ordination of the project in 1999 2000, and 2001, strategy analysis and seminars.  
Tasman Fish Products (1994-1995) - personnel management, evaluation and compensation systems.
Optimus Pascal (1998-2000) – knowledge management systems, and appraisal systems)
Institute for the Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE) (1997-1998) – strategy and finance of small enterprises - publishers of local newspapers.
BASF Agro, Poland (2003-2005) management trainer and consultant
BP Poland (2003-2005) consultant - four customer satisfaction studies.
IDG - Polish edition of CXO magazine - conducting the research for “CXO- Management Leader” in 2003.
Vertex (2004-2005) management trainer and consultant in the process of organizational change.
Stefan Batory Foundation – Organizational Audit of 16 Polish non-profit organizations. (2005-2006)
Pharma-projekt – Management coaching in the process of management change (2006)
Federation of Polish Food Banks – coordination and workshops in development and introduction of a new strategy. (2005-2006).
Aid Society of St Brother Albert – strategic analysis, and conducting the provess om management change and implementaytion of a new strategy (2003-2006).
Management experience
Co-ordinator of the Innovation and Management Psychology Study Path in the Institute of Psychology (1999-2000).
Founder and owner of the Stocki and Associates Transition Consulting (1994-2013) 
Dean, Faculty of Psychology (2012)
Chair of the Institute Board, Wojtyla Institute (2011-2014)
Active participation in Conferences
Stocki, R. Wlasnosc a przetwarzanie informacji. (Ownership and information processing) I Symposium nt. Wlasno¶ci, Uniwersytet Jagielloñski
Stocki, R. Flow Driven English Course, NATO Advanced Study Institute on Psychological and Educational Foundations of Technology-Based Learning Environments - Crete, Greece. Prezentacja postera.
Stocki, R. How to sell whole psychology to cognitive scientists. XIV International Congress of Psychology, Brussels. Referat.
Stocki, R. PAUSELISIS: A nonintrusive method for screening cognitive processes. XIV International Congress of Psychology, Brussels. Poster.
Stocki, R. Psychological background and political consequences of new technologies in education. Seminarium pt. Education towards Cooperation and Development. AIESEC - Akademia Ekonomiczna we Wroc³awiu. Speech.
Stocki, R. Who is not capable of working in a team? Personal characteristics as an underestimated business factor in Eastern Europe. Seminarium pt. Education towards Cooperation and Development. AIESEC - Akademia Ekonomiczna we Wroc³awiu. Workshop.
Nowe wyzwania metodyczne wobec szkoly w kontekscie rozwoju technologii informatycznej. Zarz±dzanie projektami dydaktycznymi. (New challanges in methods of teaching in the context of information technology environment.). Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej (Ministry of National Education). Workshop for teachers..
Stocki, R. Zebala, M. Wspólny jezyk: rozumienie pojec ekonomicznych przez kadry kierownicze a rozwi±zywanie problemów w zarz±dzaniu. (Common language in management: understanding economic concepts by managers and solving management problems). III Ogólnopolska Konferencja „Sukces w zarz±dzaniu”. Szklarska Porêba, 22-24. 10. 1996
Stocki, R. Górniak, L, Ko³odziejczyk, J., Urbanik, G. , Zêbala, M. Competence risk: A characteristics of adult readiness for mental change in highly challenging learning environments. 7th European Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction. Athens, Greece, 26-30th August, 1997.
Organizing and participation in the conference: „Competitiveness and dignity” the finals of the People Oriented Company Competition.
 Stocki, R. TransAtlantic Meeting to Explore a Participative Management Curriculum Delivered by a Multinational Faculty via an International Network of Universities Locally to Management Students and Managers of Employee Owned Companies Master in Ownership Culture. Ownership Education Project - Presentation – Bilbao, September 2003
Podsumowanie konkursu – Lider Zarz±dzania CXO, (Finals of the competition CXO- Management Leader - promoting the business responsibility) promuj±cego praktyki biznesu spo³ecznie odpowiedzialnego.
Udzia³ w XXII Zje¼dzie naukowym Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychologicznego w Krakowie, wrzesieñ 2005. Psychologia asymetrii racjonalno¶ci - odpowiedzialno¶æ w przedsiêbiorstwach na ró¿nym poziomie rozwoju organizacyjnego. Referat.
XXII Scientific Congress of Polish Psychological Society, Cracow, September 2005. Psychology of rationality assymetry - responsibility in companies on different organizational development level. Speech.
II Zjazd Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Psychologii Spo³ecznej, Kraków-Przegorza³y, 25-26 wrze¶nia 2005. Czy jest ju¿ czas na nozologiczn± diagnozê organizacji? Referat.
2nd Congress of the Polish Association of Social Psychology, Krakow-Przegorza³y, 25-26 September 2005. Are we ready for nosologic organization diagnosis? Speech.
Presentation of the paper: Cognitive aspects of participation, at the conference od Interantional Association for the Economics of Participation. Onati, Guipuzcoa, Spain. 12-15 July, 2006.