In a cooperative, all of us are responsible for everything.
J. M. Arizmendiarieta. Reflections. p.63

How to discuss the results?

Order of discussion

You cannot discuss about all the content of the report at the same time. There is too much information.  You may choose two methods. 

1. You may start with your gut feeling about what the most important issues are and check what does the report say about them and then decide what to do about them.

2. You may also start with the overviews of all results and choose to start with the dimensions that seem most easy to solve.  By no means should you start with the worst result or the most difficult issues, as you are almost sure to fail. Tackling the more difficult issues should be started when the team is ready to deal with them. They should have an experience of success and conviction that the more difficult problems can be solved.

3. You may also ask an experienced consultant to propose the best order. You have to remember that diagnosis is not the end but the beginning of a difficult development process.