In a cooperative, all of us are responsible for everything.
J. M. Arizmendiarieta. Reflections. p.63

Is CoopIndex 1.0 what I am looking for?

If you agree with any of the statements below, Co-opIndex may be a tool just for you:

"When we started the co-op we were so much more idealistic, on the way we seem to have lost the initial spirit."

"Everyone here feels we are drifting towards a model of the company we were always repelled by."

"With so many wonderful young people around we should think how to introduce them to what we value most, but we do not know where to start. We do not want to be paternalistic."

"The market pressures have so disheartening influence on us that we are no longer sure if the co-operative is what we wanted from the start."

"We are doing well. The business develops; we spend a lot of money on training and development, but we would like to be sure we are on the right track."

"Our business is strong, but we should prepare for the changes in the market - we have to depend on our strength and not on the weakness of the competition."