There is no human Leader, there is no human power capable of opening the door to conquer or dominate my heart, neither with cleverness nor with violence.      J. M. Arizmendiarrieta. Reflections. p. 46

What does the questionnaire look like?

Co-opIndex Questions

001. Employees pass on important information to others (affected by it) on time.

002. I am satisfied with the hiring process in our co-op.

003. I am willing to participate in the evaluation of my coworkers' work.

004. Co-op members have a final say on key decisions.

005. I respect my supervisor for his or her competencies.

006. Government is not directly involved in our co-op's decision making.

007. Our co-op is engaged in environmental initiatives in the community.

008. In case of a financial crisis at the co-op, I would be ready to voluntarily give up a part of my compensation for some time.

009. I have an influence on how particular tasks are performed in the co-op.

010. If I had to, I would be able to pass on important information to the CEO within a day's time.

011. I am satisfied with the way I am treated by my coworkers.

012. Compensation is fairly calculated in the co-op.

013. When making decisions my co-workers and supervisors take my welfare into account.

014. I have influence on hiring in my area of the work / co-op.

015. Our co-op promotes co-op culture in society.

016. The effort of individuals is honestly appraised.

017. All members and employees express their opinions about what is happening in the co-op.

018. Our co-op issues regular communications in a timely fashion.

019. I feel fulfilled while working in the co-op.

020. I trust my immediate supervisor.

021. I am satisfied with the quality of products and services offered to customers/clients.

022. I would be willing (according to my ability) to increase my investment in the co-op if needed.

023. My supervisor consults me about the tasks entrusted to me.

024. Members and employees have an influence on the compensation system.

025. I am satisfied with the scope of independence in my job.

026. There is a friendly atmosphere in the co-op.

027. I have confidence in our senior managers.

028. Dismissals are always justified.

029. Suggestions I made that would improve the operation were implemented.

030. Members and employees discuss amongst themselves how to improve the co-op's efforts.

031. The pay allows me  to cover living expenses, and also to save or pay off debt.

032. The co-op benefits from all employees' knowledge to make improvements in its functioning.

033. I am proud to work for this co-op.

034. Management are honest with employees, even when it comes to difficult and controversial issues.

035. I have a fair share in the co-op's surplus (profit).

036. Management in our co-op know how to deal well with people.

037. I trust people in our co-op.

038. While working, I feel like the co-op's owner.

039. Everyone who works here can be a member of the co-op.

040. Nobody is bored at work in our co-op.

041. The recruitment process seeks out a wide diversity of people able to do the job.

042. I have the opportunity to influence which tasks I will perform.

043. I am willing to have my coworkers evaluate my work.

044. I know what qualifications I should possess to change my position within the co-op.

045. I would like to work here for at least the next 10 years or until I retire.

046. All employees enjoy working toward the success of the co-op.

047. Our co-op makes decisions in a collaborative way.

048. I am satisfied with the process of evaluating my work.

049. I would be ready to sacrifice some of my free time to better understand how the co-op works.

050. I understand the bylaws and rules that govern our co-op.

051. I am satisfied with my professional development in the co-op.

052. I like my colleagues.

053. I am a better person thanks to the work at this co-op.

054. Members and employees do their best to make the development of the co-op possible.

055. The co-op supports employees in their development.

056. Members and employees are more important than capital to our management.

057. I have influence on how surplus (profit) is distributed in the co-op.

058. Employees here are guaranteed decent and safe work conditions.

059. I have a significant financial stake in the co-op.

060. A sense of humor is valued in the co-op.

061. Members and employees receive required information on time.

062. My supervisor shows respect to all employees.

063. Co-op culture is an important part of doing business for our co-op.

064. Generally speaking, our co-op is a good organization.

065. The co-op does its best to recognize the needs of its customers/clients.

066. My work makes sense.

067. Experienced employees assist in the professional development of their junior colleagues.

068. I come up with innovations in my job.

069. Ongoing training is a part of my fundamental responsibilities at work.

070. I manage to keep a balance between work and my personal life.

071. We celebrate successes in the co-op.

072. I regularly receive feedback about my work performance.

073. I know how to improve work effectiveness in the co-op.

074. I get along with the person(s) responsible for my area.

075. Members and employees are honest in their dealings with the co-op.

076. My compensation is adequate, taking into account my competencies and duties.

077. I am aware of the strategic challenges the Board of directors currently face.

078. The future of the co-op is a topic for discussion among the members, the management and the employees.

079. I have an impact on the strategy of the co-op.

080. Employees can make many important decisions without consulting first with their supervisors.

081. My skills, knowledge and abilities have increased through my work in the past year.

082. I enjoy my work.

083. It is important to members and employees that the co-op maintains a sustainable business.

084. Employees are treated fairly in the co-op.

085. Members and employees are treated equally regardless of their gender.

086. Everyone, regardless of their gender, age, race and cultural background, is able to become employed in our co-op.

087. People in our co-op respect each other's opinions.

088. The co-op seeks out new ways to improve its operations.

089. Members and employees  are able to communicate their ideas effectively.

090. I get clear instructions and training about how to do my job.

091. I have full access to all relevant information about our co-op.

092. The information I receive about our co-op's performance is relevant to me.

093. Members of the co-op understand the requirements for making the business successful.

094. I would  volunteer some of my time to strengthen our co-op's position if needed.

095. Our co-op cares about keeping wage differences fair between managers, members and employees.

096. Nobody outside of our co-op has an impact on important decisions about the direction of the co-op.

097. Our co-op believes that the best way to develop our business is to not compromise on our values and principles. 

098. Our co-op is focused on creating an environmentally sustainable business.

099. My family and  friends are satisfied with me being a co-op employee or member.

100. Our co-op supports other co-ops.

101. I take into account ethical trade issues in my purchasing decisions.

102. Our co-op is earning enough to cover its operations and members' needs.

103. The training I have received gives me the confidence to fully participate in the co-op.

104. The co-op provides opportunities for professional development.

105. My work experience increases my capacities to meet my personal goals and responsibilties.

106. Our co-op seeks business links with other co-ops.

107. Our co-op has the strategy to ensure achieving its goals.

108. Our co-op is organized well enough to maintain the business's viability.

109. I am satisfied with our co-op's financial situation.

110. Our co-op has regular access to funds required for its business activities and growth.

111. My share in co-op's risks is fair compared to other members.

112. Our co-op is strong enough to provide me with long-term employment.

113. Economic development of our local community is important in our decision making process.

114. Co-op values make the way we deliver our products / services different from those of non co-op competitors.

115. The market for our product/service is sustainable in the long run.

116. Our directors understand the bylaws and  legislation that govern our co-op.

117. Our co-op is concerned about the well-being of the community where it operates.

118. Different points of view are welcomed by my coworkers.

119. Promotions are determined on the basis of employee expertise in the job.

120. I have all the information I need to make sense of what I do here.

121. I know what actions have to be undertaken in order to secure our co-op's success.

122. I would be satisfied with my co-op if my benefits from being a member stay as they are in the next 5 years.

123. Our co-operative is a model for other businesses in our industry.

124. Members and employees of our co-op exchange experiences with representatives of other co-ops.

125. Our co-op has a clear succession strategy.

126. Membership in our co-op is open to all persons willing to accept its responsibilities.

127. Our co-op keeps the hiring  of new people and the promoting of those already employed in balance.

128. Employees and members are engaged in strategic planning.

129. I am satisfied with key policies established by our co-op.

130. Our co-op has mechanisms that ensure an independent appeals process in case of controversial decisions.

131. I promptly pass important information to those affected by it.

132. Members and employees act according to strong ethical values.

133. All cultures are equally respected  in our co-op.

134. Members and employees in the co-op work to make it  an innovation leader in its field.

135. Our co-op has a system to manage consumer complaints.

136. I understand the financial statements well enough to recognize their implications for the future of the co-op.

137. I have a good understanding of co-op values and principles.

138. We always search for candidates for new openings among co-op members/employees first.

139. Our co-op makes a fair provision for retiring members.

140. Memebers and employees make suggestions for ways to improve the business on a regular basis.

141. Our co-op recognizes that innovation involves some risk.

142. Our organization measures its performance on a regular basis.

143. Members and employees meet regularly.

144. I can rely on people in our co-op to be self-motivated and take initiative.

145. I receive regular reports on the co-op performance.

146. I have a good understanding of the various co-op roles - employee, member, manager, director, officer.

147. The co-op is managed according to a clear vision.

148. I am well informed about board's decisions.

149. I know what has to be done to make my co-op fulfill its goal for the next 5 years.

150. I regularly take on new challenges or learn new skills for my job.

151. I am satisfied with our co-op's contribution to making the world a better place.

152. Our co-op is focused on raising consumer awareness about the real value of our products and services.

153. I am satisfied with my benefits at the co-op.

154. Our co-op is showing leadership with respect to environmental issues.

155. Our local community perceives our co-op as a valuable asset.

156. Nobody from outside of our co-op members sits on the board of directors because they own/invest capital in the co-op.

157. When making decisions I take the welfare of the co-op into account.

158. I am well informed about management's decisions.

159. We undertake some actions to support our community.

160. Our co-op participates in efforts to develop the co-op sector.

161. When making decisions, I take their ecological consequences into account.

162. Members of the  management team are good in managing our co-op's finances.

163. Our co-op ensures that hours available for work are shared fairly.

164. Our co-op is not unduly influenced by external stakeholders.

165. My contribution to discussions is respected.

166. All of our business partners are treated fairly.

167. Our co-op is socially responsible.

168. Everyone in the co-op is familiar with the specific characteristics of our industry.

169. Fair prices for our products are more important than extra profit.

170. I take my co-workers' well-being into account.

171. My co-workers find me reliable.

172. I have confidence in our Board of Directors.