There is no human Leader, there is no human power capable of opening the door to conquer or dominate my heart, neither with cleverness nor with violence.      J. M. Arizmendiarrieta. Reflections. p. 46

Karol Wojtyła

I owe Wojtyla a lot. It would be difficult to enumerate it all. This is why I will just enumerate four most important inspirations: First of all the view of participation, not as a value, but as an indispensable element of human dignity. Second, the concept of a person as a potential that evolves through transcendence in moments when the persona acts and not when something happens to him or her. Third, emancipating the scientific importance of individual experience, which should be at the very beginning of our reflection. Fourth, the unity of body and spirit which constitute the wholeness of the person. These four inspirations are enough to spark a scientific revolution.

It is a pity his philosophical work is practically unknown in English. Here is a link to a controversial English translation of his most important work: The Acting Person in English. 

Good book about his philosophy - Kupczak: Destinied for liberty.

The richest selection of his works on-line is here.