There is no human Leader, there is no human power capable of opening the door to conquer or dominate my heart, neither with cleverness nor with violence.      J. M. Arizmendiarrieta. Reflections. p. 46

Invitation to participate

I believe any research process should be as participatory as possible. It is particularly true if co-op members and their co-ops are main beneficiaries of the research. The reason is very simple if the interested persons are involved in research as researchers, we have better chances to understand what we investigate. John Heron says people gain better understanding of a reality if their goal is to change that reality. Let us assume you have to understand how a bicycle works. You will understand it in a minute. If you are asked to repair the gears that do not change easily, you will understand the functioning of gear change much better than in the first instance. The same mechanism can be found in personal self-knowledge. We will understand ourselves much better if we are prepared for personal change. I invite anyone who would like to participate in the creation of the tools to join the project mailing list be clicking here.