In a cooperative, all of us are responsible for everything.
J. M. Arizmendiarieta. Reflections. p.63

Zarządzanie dobrami

What is the book about

The world is full of managers who have never had a chance to study management. You find them in clinics, governmaental and non-governmental organisations, politics, science, church, schools. I wrote the book for them. I know they have no time to spend long hours studying or reading, so I intruduced them directly to the complexities of management but at the same time, I tried to give them practical tools to handle daily management issues. As a result the book is neither an academic textbook with surplus of unnecessary information nor a simplifying easy-to-use guide "how to be a great manager". I have met hundreds of managers, and I know they deserve more. 

How to get the book?

The book is out of print now. Unfortunately much of the examples are out of date as well. So my plan is to rewrite it to fit the needs of particular groups. So far the book was mostly appreciated by superiors and candidates for superiors of religious orders, and they will probably be the first to get their version of the book.

For those who would like to read the book in spite of examples which may be funny today, especially in the areas of administration processes, correspondence, marketing. You may download most of the book by clicking here

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