In a cooperative, all of us are responsible for everything.
J. M. Arizmendiarieta. Reflections. p.63

Pełna partycypacja w zarządzaniu

What is the book about?

Management literature is full of case studies and practitioners-written books giving advice how to be an even better manager. When I noticed that the participants of my management trainings are very attentive to stories written by late CEOs, I went through a whole library of those books. But at a certain point I realized that all these nice and successful guys have a lot in common. They use the same "trick." The book is the discovery and practice of the "trick" we called "total participation", but we are very specific what it means in everyday practice. As I had little time then, I invited my two students Piotr and Grzegorz to help me write the book. We produced a very controversial book, which was selling well enough to encourage the publisher to offer us preparation of the second edition. As there was no other similar book available on the market, we used an English unpublished translation of this book as a textbook in the course: Total Participation in Management. I conducted the course for many years at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow. As the course was conducted in English and was very popular among Erasmus students from Spain and France, they translated it for free to Spanish and French. This is why we offer the book free under Creative Commons licence.

How to get the book?

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