There is no human Leader, there is no human power capable of opening the door to conquer or dominate my heart, neither with cleverness nor with violence.      J. M. Arizmendiarrieta. Reflections. p. 46

Doskonalenie umiejętności negocjacyjnych

What is the book about?

The book has a long story. The idea of this form of negociations occured to me when in 1995 Ewa Gorzkowska from the Development and Training Center of  "Solidarity" Regional Office of Lower Silesia asked me to conduct negotiation trainings for "Solidarity" Trade Union leaders. I remember asking her what do the leaders know about strategy, finance, marketing, personnel menegement, labour law, etc. She said "not much" I asked, "How can they negotiate without understanding all the issues?" Nagotiations, for me, are "selling" the problem to the owner of the problem. Owner of the problem is either the person, a group of people who generated the problem or those who have the necessary means of solving the problem. To be able to conduct such a form of negociations the negotiators have to understand very well the domains they deal with. Understanding the reality is one of the first prerequisites to sustainable change. Our cooperation resulted in initiating a two year training in management for the trade unions. Large portions of the materials were later included in my book "Managing the goods", but after many years I have also prepared a new version of the training materials for wider use. So called 'Negotiation tricks" are subject matter of only one training module the rest is devoted to finding real owners of the problems that are at stake.

How to get the book?

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